Monday, January 30, 2012

New Cube World Video: Improved Combat

I made some changes to the combat system:

There are no more combo points but an energy called 'spirit'. Each attack generates spirit points (SP) which you can unleash with a finishing move. The finishing move depends on your weapons:
- Dual-wielding: Swirl
- Two-handed: Smash
- Shield: Slam

You will find different kinds of spirits (small cubes) that you can attach to your weapons and armor, each with a different effect. For instance if you add a fire spirit (red cube) to your weapon, your finish move will deal fire damage. If you add an unholy spirit (green cube), your finishing move will drain life from your enemies and heal you. You can also attach multiple spirits for a combined effect.

Depending on the spirits your weapons will glow in different colors. In the video spirits are not implemented yet - I just made the weapons glow yellow.

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