Friday, October 26, 2012

Cube World City Screenshots

Just a short status update about the new name: I already have a new favorite but I'd like to wait a little, maybe there's a better one.

Currently I'm working on the following things:

The Cube World is divided into different lands (of course randomly generated ones). Each land has a level and all creatures living in that land have the same level. The land level increases with distance from the starting position.

Each land has a capital city and is inhabited by NPCs. They have quests, sell items or just talk about random stuff. :) Each city has a center place where all shops and other useful buildings are located.

In contrast to before, buildings are now randomly generated: they now have varying rooms, sizes, walls, roofs etc. Furthermore, I'm working on multiple themes. Here are the ones that I have finished so far:

European style framework houses:

Medieval stone houses:

North American style wood houses:

Log houses:

Next I want to add themes for deserts and jungles.

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