Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Cube World name recap

Thanks for the comments! For those who don't know why I don't keep the name "Cube World": To avoid trademark issues and associations with Minecraft clones.

Here are a few things I've learned:

- Japanese sounding names aren't well accepted everywhere (I have no idea why), so "Kyubu" and "Kami Heroes" are out.
- Some people don't like names which are too childish or too cute. So "Little Cube Adventure" (my personal favorite), "Cube Boy" and "Lost in Monsterland" are out. I like this kind of names because they remind me of good old SNES/Sega Genesis times. :)
- "Spirit Hunter" sounds generic but I think most modern titles do. On the other hand I agree that it doesn't capture the true essence of my game. Gathering spirit cubes isn't so much of a focus in the game. So "Spirit Hunter" is also out.

The focus of the game is exploring a strange, huge world which is made up of cubes. Maybe someone finds a catchy name for this. :) I hope I can come up with a new list soon. New suggestions are always welcome!

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