Friday, October 12, 2012

A few new Cube World features

I just wanted to share a few small features that I haven't shown yet. For example, boss monsters (also trolls, cyclopses etc.) are smaller and weaker with level 1, so newbies also have a chance against them. :) With each level, they become bigger and stronger and gain their full strength and size with level 10.

When you get stunned, you see small stars above you. As long as they are visible, you can't be stunned again. It's the same for enemies!

Potions don't heal you instantly, but over time. You can also run while drinking, but if you perform any action like rolling or attacking you stop drinking. (Damage by monsters doesn't, but often they try to stun you).

When you die, you respawn at the next spawn point. But you are injured and have reduced maximum health for a few minutes. The health debuff is indicated by band-aids on your back.

Fortunately, you can remove the "injured" debuff by eating something. Mmmm... ginseng soup. :)

You can also sit...

... and sleep. Fun fact: Cube World characters sleep on the face because they can't close their eyes.

It's now possible to tame pets if you find their favorite food.

To take a pet with you, you can equip it like an item. There's also a pet bag for your other pets, so you can swap all the time.

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